Szállítás és fizetés

Buyer: who uses the web shop service,  registers on the web interface of the web shop and / or buys goods through this web site.

Supplier's Details: The Shipping Activity is performed by National Post/GLS/DHL. The goods delivered by Bende Company, will be delivered by National Post/GLS/DHL to the address given by Bende Company. The shipping company undertakes full confidentiality with respect to the storage, processing and handling of data.

Delivery: The National Post/GLS/DHL parcel shipper will deliver the packages within the next 7-10 business days after the orders received in the web store. Working time in the territory of Europe, if the parcel has been delivered on the ordering day. If the package is returned to our shop , we will place the order as unfounded and will not add any additional order.

Delivery cost:  World wide

Up to $ 50,000 up to $ 1,500

In the case of a purchase price above HUF 50,000, the delivery cost is assumed.

Delivery only after payment of the cashout (if any) and after the acceptance receipt is signed, the recipient will not be able to check the contents of the package prior to it.

Purchase price: the price shown next to the selected product, including the sales tax (VAT).

Delivery deadline: The order placed on working days is delivered to the house within 4-5 working days from the order. The shipping company does not undertake to notify you by phone of the exact date of delivery, so it is advisable to provide a shipping address where it is available on working days.

Payment terms: payment method: payment is made upon receipt of the goods, the amount to be paid is to be delivered to the supplier.